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Nano Ceramic Window Films & Auto Tint Supply
Window film supplier for cars, trucks & suvs along with safety film, uv tint, solar control gards, shatter resistant gard films for home, office, car & truck.

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Nano Ceramic Window Films, Let the Light In, & Reject Infrared Heat

Enjoy your view & keep the light with nano ceramic window films that look great and keep you cool.

Ceramic Window Films

                               Solar Energy          Visible Light                    

                              T      A          R          T      A       Int R   Ext R       UVR     SC       SHR     TSER**    GR

Nano Ceramic

Clear 85                50     41        9           84     8       9         9              99        0.75     26        36          18

Ceramic 70           47     43        10         69     20     11       11            99        0.62     0.53     57          31

Ceramic 60           48     43        9           57     34     9         9              99        0.62     0.53     55          43

Ceramic 50*       30     46        24         53     31     13       16            99        0.53     0.45     68          47

BK 30 (IR 98)        18     72        10         30     66     4         4              99        0.48     50        62          70

BK 15 (IR 98)        12     79        9           11     84     5         5              99        0.46     60        66          82

*Ceramic 50 is virtually transparent, yet rejects 68% of the total solar energy.  This is a truely amazing film where you can keep you view and stop the heat & block the harmful UV rays.  Lower your energy bill & stay cool with ceramic films.

** TSER:  Total Solar Energy Rejected  (Amount of heat that is blocked.)

Lighten Up With Virtually Transparent Window Films


Do the words "window tinting" conjure up images of gloomy interiors and shiny or discolored glass?


If so, meet Ceramic Films, a new line of spectrally-sensitive window films designed to fill your rooms with pleasing, natural light while rejecting unwanted heat and UV radiation.


Earlier window tint technologies use colored dye or fine metallic particles to absorb and reflect solar energy. These tints couldn't discriminate natural light from solar heat and harmful UV radiation, all of which have slightly different wavelengths.


Thanks to advances in nanoceramic technology, consumers no longer need to trade bright rooms and crisp views for energy savings. Today's spectrally-specific films use tiny ceramic particles to block heat and UV while letting up to 78% of visible light shine through.


Ceramic films are noncorrosive, won't interfere with electrical signals and offer crisp, natural views day and night. And because the nanoceramic particles are virtually invisible, ceramic film is an excellent choice for consumers who want to maintain the original appearance of their windows.


Ceramic Film is an ideal choice for:


  • Preserving the integrity and appearance of historic buildings
  • Seaside locations, where salt may corrode metallic films
  • Condos, townhomes and other structures subject to strict architectural covenants
  • Vehicles with GPS systems or satellite radio (metallic films may cause signal interference)
  • Anyone looking to increase energy efficiency without sacrificing natural light or crisp views

  • Energy Savings Year after Year
  • Cooler Rooms
  • Cooler Vehicles:  Car, Truck, SUV
  • Protection From Harmful UV Rays
  • Enhance the Look of Your Glass

Ceramic Window Film & Auto Tint Wholesale
Solar control window film wholesale distributor of tint for cars, trucks & suvs along with safety film, & uv tint.

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