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Window film supplier for cars, trucks & suvs along with safety film, uv tint, solar control gards, shatter resistant gard films for home, office, car & truck.

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Find Peace of Mind With Safety and Security Window Film


Though home may be your castle, it's far from a fortress.


In most homes and businesses, only a pane of window glass stands in the way of intruders, falling trees, airborne projectiles and the savage force of nature.


And the situation is just as bad in your vehicle, where untreated windows can invite intrusion by "smash-and-grab" thieves or shatter into thousands of flying shards in an impact.


Window bars and shutters are expensive, take time to install and alter your building's appearance. Alarm systems provide little deterrence against speedy thieves who aren't planning to wait around for the police.


When safety and security are top priorities, Solar Control Films Midwest has a cost-effective solution. High-quality Protection Series window films by American Standard can help your windows stand up to any attack, from hurricane-force winds to a brick hurled by a would-be intruder.


Shatter-resistant security films increase the overall strength of your windows. If breakage does occur, the film adhesive holds glass in place to maintain a protective barrier against elements and invaders. And in the case of a vehicle crash, film protects passengers and bystanders from flying shards of glass.


Safety and security film is available in a clear form that provides invisible protection from physical impact and harmful UV radiation, or sputtered and reflective forms that offer both protection and increased energy efficiency.

Shatter resistant window films help keep glass shards together during breakage

Block The Heat
Conserve Energy w/ Heat Blocking Solar Window Film
Stay Cool With Window Film

Types of Safety Films

  • 4 Mil Clear
  • 7 Mil Clear
  • 11 Mil Clear
  • 14 Mil Clear
  • 4 Mil Silver 15
  • 4 Mil Neutral 20
  • 4 Mil Neutral 35
  • 8 Mil Silver 15

  • Energy Savings Year after Year
  • Cooler Rooms
  • Cooler Vehicles:  Car, Truck, SUV
  • Protection From Harmful UV Rays
  • Enhance the Look of Your Glass

Insurance To Cut Energy Cost & Conserve

  • Keep Glass Shards Together
  • Smash & Grab Resistance
  • Available in Solar Control Properties

Shatter Resistant Window Films & Safety Film Wholesale
Solar control window film wholesale distributor of safety & security window films along with auto tint, ceramic films, tinting tools and installation equipment.  Energy audits available to see how much energy you will save year after year with heat rejection window films.

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