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Go Green With Solar Window Film


Sure, today's attractive and affordable solar-control window films can save you a bundle on heating and cooling bills, reduce glare and protect furnishings and skin from harmful UV rays. But there's an even better reason to install solar window film today: our planet.


According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), buildings consume 40% of all energy and produce 30% of greenhouse gasses (GHG) worldwide. Most residential and commercial emissions are byproducts of fossil-fuel consumption during heating and cooling.


The problem is exacerbated by the relatively long lifespan of buildings, substandard and outdated HVAC systems in existing buildings and a recent boom in global construction. In fact, if the problem isn't addressed, UNEP estimates that building-sector emissions will double in the next 20 years.


Unfortunately, time is no longer on our planet's side. To prevent climate change "worst-case scenarios," we must cut GHG emissions by half in the next 40 years, says a recent UNEP report.


If you're looking to do your part by reducing the carbon footprint of your home or business, consider making solar control window films part of your strategy.


For a fraction of the cost of retrofitting, window films reduce heat gain and loss. This relieves the demand on your HVAC system, allowing you to maintain a comfortable environment while consuming less fossil fuel.


A recent energy audit by Solar Control Films Inc. found that a commercial business in Houston, Texas could  reduce the summer load on its HVAC system by 2,282 kilowatt-hours simply by applying, inexpensive, dual-reflective film to existing windows.


Your window film supplier offers a wide range of window films to suit your climate, building type and project goals. To find out how much energy you can conserve with solar control film, ask about a free energy audit for your home or business.


UNEP-SBCI: Buildings and Climate Change: Summary for Decision Makers

Block The Heat
Conserve Energy w/ Heat Blocking Solar Window Film
Stay Cool With Window Film

  • How many kilowatts will be conserved?
  • How much money will be saved off utility bills?
  • Chosing the right film for your needs
  • Preperation tips
  • Finding the right authorized solar control specialist, installer & tinter

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Solar control window film wholesale distributor of safety & security window films along with auto tint, ceramic films, tinting tools and installation equipment.  Energy audits available to see how much energy you will save year after year with heat rejection window films.

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